When change occurs, whether a merger, a CEO transition, a new community collaboration, or an upheaval in the industry, you have particular questions and wishes. Sagis partners with you to fulfill your wishes. We enable you to:
Achieve excellence during significant times of change.

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Leadership Transitions:

New Situation Serve customers better while transitioning
Question: How do we… Keep our current intellectual capital while changing on the fly?
Wish: Achieve the best… New leaders equipped and prepared for success
Sagis helps fulfill your wishes by… Elicit, represent and transfer any departing executive’s “deep smarts”


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Mergers and Acquisitions:

New Situation Opportunity to grow and better serve clients
Question: How do we… Integrate different organizational cultures?
Wish: Achieve the best… Smooth integration of merged organizations
Sagis helps fulfill your wishes by… Analyze current organization cultures & design processes for smooth mergers


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Social change, Collective impact:

New Situation Desire to improve quality of community life
Question: How do we… Gain common vision, organize and sustain a joint approach?
Wish: Achieve the best… Most efficient, sustainable community change
Sagis helps fulfill your wishes by… Providing expertise in establishing, managing, and sustaining¬† needed backbone support


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Expand creativity:

New Situation We need to be able to act in response to a changing industry
Question: How do we… Access our best collective intelligence and creativity?
Wish: Achieve the best… Have reliable methods for releasing our people’s best
Sagis helps fulfill your wishes by… Help you mine and catalyze deep collective intelligence & imagination

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