Founded in 2004, Sagis Corporation is a Minneapolis based consulting firm of senior-level consultants, nationally serving a broad range of industries and organizations. Sagis has assisted over 200 health care, for-profit, not-for-profit organizations, and communities achieve their goals of intelligently evolving. Whether helping a client transition leadership, merge cultures, or think intelligently, or helping communities create and maintain efficient and clear collaborations across sectors, Sagis’ promises to delight clients with excellence and high performance.

SAGIS Principals

Albert Linderman, Ph.D.

Stephen C. Bosacker, M.S., M.Ed.

SAGIS Associates

Amy Batiste
Katherine M. Curran, Ph.D.

Jonathan Bucki

Don Greer


Albert-headshot2Albert Linderman, Ph.D.

Albert Linderman, Ph.D., CEO of Sagis Corporation, is a cultural anthropologist guiding community change and leadership transitions. He recently led a backbone team of eight in a two-year collective impact effort in Rapid City, SD. The city-wide system approach is the first of its kind. One of its results is the OneHeart initiative, the first Native/non-Native joint initiative of its kind in Rapid City’s 150-year history, a coordination of wrap-around services for individuals and families in the most vulnerable situations and support for the citizens to reach a place of contribution to the community. Over the past few years, Linderman pioneered research into, and coordinated collective impact approaches regarding suburban child hunger and public health, engaged in leadership transitions for several major Minnesota and Washington D.C. health care organizations, and helped establish Egypt’s 7th University, Heliopolis University. He is author of Why the world around you isn’t as it appears (2012, SteinerBooks), and several recent articles including, “Rapid City Collective Impact: A City-Wide Effort to Create Quality of Life for all its Citizens”, Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, Vol. 3, 2016. His writings are used in graduate and undergraduate programs in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East.

Stephen C. Bosacker, M.S., M.Ed.

An organization development consultant, educator, and team facilitator. Steve pioneered a multi-disciplinary training program for international community development and led teams to serve impoverished communities in a number of countries. He has 20 years’ experience tailoring technical, program, systems and strategic solutions to improve team and organization performance and success.



Strategic Partners

Amy Batiste, Senior Consultant, Amy is founder & CEO of Creative Catalysts, Inc., a Minneapolis-based strategic transformation consultancy. Her work is design-focused – helping visionaries, innovators & change-makers shape forward-looking strategies and initiatives that impact the workplace, the marketplace and communities.

Prior to launching Creative Catalysts in 1998, Amy led strategic initiatives at the University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee), Trinity University (San Antonio), Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee, the National Association of State Directors of Special Education and General Motors Small Car Group/Saturn Corporation. She has held instructor and undergraduate and graduate-level faculty appointments in leadership and organization development at St. Catherine University (St. Paul), Vanderbilt University (Nashville) and UW-Milwaukee.

Amy earned her doctorate in human and organization development at Vanderbilt University (Nashville) and a master’s in public communication at The American University (Washington, DC).


kathy_curranKatherine M. Curran, Ph.D., Senior Consultant, has led organization change, leadership development and executive coaching initiatives in and outside of health care for over twenty years.  She has consulted to health plans, hospital groups, medical device companies, senior care facilities and clinics. One of Kathy’s special areas of expertise is in women’s leadership and gender dynamics at work.  This work finds special application in healthcare for nursing leaders and through interprofessional education initiatives. A second focus is on managing the power and politics within organizations so that they are leveraged ethically during change initiatives.


Jonathan Bucki has worked with a variety of collaborations, organizations and community groups to build their capacity to respond effectively to the reality of their customers. He seeks to adapt cutting-edge ideas and applications and make them appropriate and effective for each organization. As a trainer and facilitator, Jonathan brings an energetic, creative and humorous spirit to his work. Jonathan has co-designed trainings for individual organizations as well as collaborative efforts who wish to increase their effectiveness. Jonathan holds a B.A. degree in Health, Faith, and Ethics from St. Olaf College, Northfield, MN. He also attended L’lnstitut Protestant de Theologie, Faculte de Theologie Protestante in Montpellier, France.


Don Greer, has worked with companies in semiconductor, logistics, aerospace, telecommunications, software, pharmaceutical, and commodity manufacturing industries as well as humanitarian and wildlife non-profits, cities, military, and large government organizations, and start-up ventures to help leadership, management, and community teams create and implement effective strategies in complex environments. With 35 years’ experience as an internal and external consultant, manager, facilitator, and system developer, his work draws on rich theoretical frameworks and a repertoire of practical analytical, project management, and collaboration skills and tools. He is a principal of Greer Black Company, a research and consulting company specializing in collaborative processes design for strategy, operational implementation, product development, and organizational change and transformation.


joanne_dischJoanne Disch Ph.D., is Clinical Professor at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing. She recently retired as director of the Katharine J Densford International Center for Nursing Leadership. She also served as Chief Nurse executive at the University Minnesota Medical Center, Fairview. She served as Chair of the Board of AARP and in numerous nursing and industry Association leadership roles, including past president of the American Academy of Nursing.